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Why Infinity Roses Make The Best Wedding Flowers

Weddings are beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime occasions that bring together friends and family for the ultimate celebration of love. Nothing can compare to the joy and unforgettable memories that come from weddings and having a beautifully decorated venue adds to the magical feel. That being said, one element serves a particularly important role when it comes to the ambiance and feel of a wedding space – flowers.

If you’re knee deep in the wedding planning process and are still contemplating which flowers you should get, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all the reasons that infinity roses make the best wedding flowers!

They Are A Symbol of Love

Roses are notorious for their symbolism and have become beloved wedding flowers because they represent romance, beauty and of course love. Giving your significant other a rose as a token of your affection has been a widely adopted practice for centuries. This tradition is still going strong and the rose remains a universal symbol of love.

If your loved one has gifted you with roses on meaningful occasions like your first date or your first Valentine’s Day together, that’s all the more reason to have this beautiful flower present on the big day!

They Come In An Array of Colours

Every wedding has a carefully planned out colour scheme associated with it, and floral arrangements play a huge part in bringing that vision to life. Luckily, infinity roses come in a vast array of colours and can be mixed and matched according to your preferences.

From lovely lavenders, to bright yellows, to deep reds – there’s a rose colour out there that’ll perfectly suit your scheme.

They Won’t Wilt

There are already plenty of things to worry about on your wedding day and the last thing you need is to be troubled by is the thought of your flower arrangements beginning to wilt. With infinity roses, you can throw that worry right out the window!

Infinity roses were built to last and unlike other types of flowers, they require barely any maintenance. In addition, these classic beauties are heat resistant, which means they’ll stand the test of time at any tropical wedding.

They Are The Perfect Memento

Last but certainly not least, infinity roses make the perfect wedding memento. Nobody wants to leave a wedding with another trinket or nick knack that’ll end up collecting dust on their shelf and flowers are always a crowd pleaser.

Infinity roses are a particularly good memento because they look absolutely lovely sitting on a piano or serving as a centrepiece and they can last for years on end.

If you’ve decided that infinity roses are the way to go for your wedding (excellent choice by the way), Enchanted Garden is the place to go. At Enchanted Garden, we believe in bringing unique, customizable creations to life and our stunning arrangements can last up to five years. Contact us today and we’ll make your big day that much more memorable!

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