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Simple Office Decorating Tips to Improve Productivity

Flowers are much more than just decoration – they are natural mood lifters and can increase productivity and wealth. Incorporating them into your decor can create a positive energy flow, and since a large portion of our days are spent at the office, it is important to surround ourselves with things that make us feel fabulous. Working in a beautiful space can help you feel more comfortable at work and, in turn, have a positive impact on your career.

At Enchanted Garden our roses are a simple, yet powerful way to change the energy in your workspace and increase productivity. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect Enchanted Garden arrangement for your desk space or office.

Incorporate Colour

If your office space is a neutral palette, your work environment can feel like a bore. To spruce things up and add a personal touch, try adding a pop of colour with two tones that compliment each other.

Every colour of the rainbow has its own unique benefits and evokes different emotions and sentiments. For example, the colour blue is known to help enhance creativity, while pink is a notorious mood booster. Accessorizing with this colour scheme is a sure way to get your creative juices flowing and keep you motivated and cheerful throughout the day.

Add Art and Accessories

Adding photos of loved ones or an artistic shot of your favourite destination is another way to bring some colour into your work space. To incorporate more boldness to your photographs and office, use black, white, or dark brown picture frames for contrast.

Flowers are also a great way to add a bold colour into your decor without being too overwhelming. It’s easy to change them up seasonally or when you want a new look – and people never tire of their beauty.

Brighten Up Your Space

Is your work environment dull, dark or lacking natural light? Having a bright workspace can help increase analytical and creative thinking, Try adding a decorative lamp to your office to brighten things up. Natural Full Spectrum DayLight desk lamps can do wonders for your mood as well and are proven to help prevent SAD in the cold, dark winter months.

Another way to brighten up any space is by using bright colours, like yellow, to bring a sunny feel into the room. Yellow roses are a great way to ‘lighten’ you and your coworkers up (pun intended).

Clear Away Clutter

It’s so important to keep your office space clean and organized – especially at your desk. Once you allow clutter to accumulate, you might bring in bad feng shui, leading you to feel less motivated. Avoid unproductivity by tossing out any junk, organizing your drawers and keeping your surfaces clear. This will help create a calm and clear mind, which is essential for productivity!

Pro Tip – Make room for your favourite reads on a bookshelf and keep them propped up with a couple Enchanted Garden classic floral arrangements!

Although it seems tedious to make the design of your office space a priority, these simple tips can go a long way and make you (and even your coworkers) more productive and happy.

Enchanted Garden roses are an ideal addition to any office since they are low-maintenance and available in endless colour combinations. You don’t have to worry about watering them or replacing them after a short lifespan, and they are sure to uplift your mood and set a positive tone. Check out the many options available on our website today. Happy decorating!

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