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Enchanted Garden Blooms and Babies: The Perfect Pairing

For many women and their partners, pregnancy is an exciting time filled with family, friends and fun celebrations. Preparing for a new addition to your family is unlike any other life event and it deserves to be commemorated. Here are all the ways Enchanted Garden roses can be used to enhance your baby celebrations!

An Acrylic Announcement to Remember

Announcing your pregnancy to loved ones is a special moment that you’ll want to remember for years to come. When a pregnancy announcement is done right there are elements of sentiment and surprise that are typically followed by happy tears. Gifting the person you’re revealing your pregnancy to with roses from our acrylic collection is the perfect way to pull off just that. Simply place a photo of your ultrasound in the bottom compartment of the acrylic box and wait for them to discover that there is more to this gift than meets the eye! 

Blooms and Baby Showers

No baby shower would be complete without a beautiful flower arrangement. Not only are they pleasing to look at, but they also symbolize new beginnings and serve as a fabulous centerpiece. At Enchanted Garden, we take floral arrangements to the next level with customizable colour options for our roses that last up to three years. That means you get a decoration that will compliment your theme and remind you of this special occasion for years to come.

A Unique and Meaningful Push Present

Gifting a new mom with a “push present” is a relatively new phenomenon that has caught on like wildfire as of late. Unlike baby shower gifts, push presents are specifically intended for the new mother and they’re supposed to signify gratitude. Our one-of-a-kind arrangements are a great way to show your significant other that you care and mark this momentous moment. 

Gorgeous Roses for a Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are one of the most highly anticipated announcements that happen after a pregnancy has been disclosed. This fun and light-hearted occasion calls for creativity and if you’re looking to step outside the norm for your gender reveal, our roses are an excellent option. Just ask the ultrasound technician or doctor to write the gender in a sealed envelope that you can pass along to us and we’ll send a closed lid box from our square or round collection that’ll make your surprise feel extra special.

Delightful Nursery Décor

Getting your nursery ready for your baby’s arrival is a fun job that makes having a new little human in your life finally feel real. This is your chance to flaunt your interior design skills and make your baby’s room a sanctuary. The most enjoyable part of preparing your baby’s nursery is picking out all the decorative elements and Enchanted Garden’s Forever Bears are the perfect finishing touch. Made of handcrafted rosettes, these lovable bears require no special care and they last for a lifetime!


There’s no limit to the ways blooms can be used to enrich baby celebrations and at Enchanted Garden we’re committed to making this joyous time memorable. Contact us today to get a gorgeous arrangement that will leave a lasting impression!


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