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Birthstone Arrangements Make The Best Birthday Gifts

Birthstones are beautiful gems that symbolize the month you were born and have unique meanings attached to them. For centuries, these symbolic stones have been transformed into elegant pieces of jewelry that make for a very thoughtful gift. Keepsake birthstone jewelry will never go out of style, but variety is the spice of life and at Enchanted Garden, we’re all about reinventing traditional birthday gifts. Here’s everything you need to know about our one-of-a-kind arrangements that can make your loved one feel extra special on their big day!

Ravishing Red Roses

January and July are the red birthstone months, with the former being designated garnet for protection and the latter assigned to ruby, which symbolizes vitality. Red is a vibrant, dynamic and passionate colour that speaks for itself and can stand all on its own. We recommend purchasing a single red rose from our petite collection for those born in January and July!

Beautiful Blue Boxes

March, September and December are all months that are associated with beautiful blues. March has an aquamarine birthstone, September has a sapphire birthstone and December has a blue topaz birthstone. Symbolizing serenity, truth and friendship, a bountiful medium box from our square collection filled with various hues of blue will encompass the beauty of this colour.

Gorgeous Greens Gifts

It’s no surprise that green birthstones belong to the months May and August, both of which are times of year known for their gorgeous greenery. May has a deep coloured emerald birthstone that stands for hope and August has a yellowish-green peridot birthstone that symbolizes beauty. In our round collection, we can combine both of these colours and create a custom arrangement that makes for a great gift for May and August babies alike.

Wholesome Whites Wonders

The birthstone for those born in April is a rare diamond that symbolizes strength. June babies have been allocated a pearl birthstone that indicates love. There’s no better way to capture the beauty of these birthstones than with wholesome white roses in our signature crystal acrylic box.

Extra Special Selections

Three birthday months stand out from the norm and have been assigned a colour all to themselves. February’s purple amethyst birthstone stands for wisdom, October’s pink tourmaline birthstone symbolizes healing and November’s yellow citrine birthstone represents joy. Thankfully, Enchanted Garden roses come in over 35 colours, including the ones that belong to these extra special birthday months!


No matter what month your loved one was born in, we can create a custom made arrangement that will be reminiscent of their birthstone. Contact us today to get a unique arrangement that will make for a memorable gift!

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