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An Introduction To Infinity Roses and Enchanted Garden

Roses have been recognized as a symbol of new beginnings, love and romance for hundreds of years. There’s nothing that can compare to receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses from your loved one and these delicate flowers add a certain je ne sais quoi to any event space. They are a timeless and meaningful gesture that brings joy to many people’s lives.

Sadly, beautifully blossomed roses only last for a week on average – or at least they did up until recently. Today, roses are the gift that keep on giving and they can last for years on end, thanks to one fruitful invention – infinity roses.

What Are Infinity Roses

Infinity roses are real, natural roses that have been cultivated and picked at their optimal state from rose fields around the world. Once they have been harvested, they are treated with a proprietary solution, which keeps them preserved in their perfect state. After treatment, they continue to feel and look just like untreated roses and maintain their beauty, freshness and structure for years to come.

One of the best parts of these long lasting roses is that they require almost no maintenance. All you have to do is keep them out of direct sunlight and ifthey collect any dust, remove it lightly with a duster.

What Are They Used For

Infinity roses are suitable for all occasions and events – from Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day to baby showers and weddings or even home décor and hostess gifts. They are a crowd pleaser and they add a touch of elegance to any room they’re put in.

What makes infinity roses a truly worthwhile investment is the fact that they double as a decoration and a present! Who wouldn’t want to take home an aesthetically pleasing memento that reminds them of a great moment in their life?

Enchanted Garden Roses

At Enchanted Garden, we pick the best of the best roses from vibrant rose fields across the world, then preserve them to last 1-5 years. We create gorgeous, customized creations that are perfectly suited to our clients’ events.

A rose can mean many different things depending on its colour. Yellow roses create feelings of warmth, white roses represent innocence and charm, peach roses can be used to convey gratitude and red roses are used as an indication of love. At Enchanted Garden, every box of infinity roses we send out brings fitting symbolism along with it.

While Enchanted Garden roses may come in a box, we definitely think outside the box when it comes to creating show-stopping pieces using our opulent flowers. Contact us today to get a stunning floral arrangement that will last for the long haul!

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